Implant Site Development Kit


Implant Site Development Kit:

Instruments Cassette, 184×294×34mm, for 20 Pcs
35N Atraumatic EF, 3mm, Upper Jaw, Biscuspids
79 Atraumatic EF, 4mm, Lower Jaw, Third Molars
Proximator Small, Distal, 2.5mm, 171mm, Black Line
Proximator Small, Mesial, 2.5mm, 171mm, Black Line
Filling Instrument, Plugger Smooth, 1.2/1.6mm
Bone Grafting Syringe, Inner dia 6.0mm
Buser Periosteal, 4mm/4mm, DE, #S6, Black Line
Iris Scissor, cvd. TC, Smooth edges, 11.5cm
Micro Corn Suture Plier, DD, 1.6mm, 15 cm, Black
Crile-Wood Needle Holder, TC, 2mm, 15cm
84 Lucas Spoon Shape Surgical Curette, 2.2mm, DE, #6, Black Line
Bone Mixing Bowl, 28mm, dia 60mm, 25cc

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