Bone Grafting Kit


Bone Grafting Kit:

Instruments Cassette, 184×294×34mm, for 20 Pcs
Bone Compactor/Applicator, 4.5mm/(4/9mm), DE, #S6
1/3 Buser Bone Scraper, 4,0-6,0mm, DE, #6 3 & 5mm
11 Miller Spoon Shape Surgical Curette, 3.6mm, DE, #6
2 College Dressing Plier, 1mm, 16cm
Scalpel Handle n.5, Round Handle Straight. 14.5cm
Bone Plugger, 3mm, DE, #S6
Micro Tissue Plier, str. Multiple Teeth, 1mm, 18 cm, Black
Crile-Wood Needle Holder, TC, 2mm, 15cm
PR-3 Prichard Periosteal, 10.5mm/4.5mm, DE, #S6
Buser Periosteal, 4mm/4mm, DE, #S6
1 Goldstein Composite Instrument
11 Goldman-Fox Periodontal Knife, DE, #6
CP-12 Probe, 3-6-9-12, Metal, SE
13/14 Columbia Universal Curette DE, #6
Bone Mixing Bowl, 28mm, dia 60mm, 25cc
Goldman-Fox Scissor, cvd, SC, 1 edge Serrated, 12.5cm

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