Maxillary Sinus Lift Instruments

Sinus Lift Maxi Kit

The Maxillary Sinus Lift is a surgical technique aimed at increasing the amount of bone available in the posterior sectors of the upper maxillary. In this area, the pneumatization of Higmoro’s antrum on one side and the edentulous alveolar process resorption on the other compete to make implant anchorage prosthetic rehabilitation impossible.

What is a Sinus Lift Elevation?

When there is insufficient natural bone to anchor an implant in the molar region of the maxilla, a sinus lift operation is generally carried out. The traditional Sinus Lift operation bears certain risks. This can be reduced to a minimum by minimally invasive sinus cavity fillings.

This Maxillary Sinus Lift Instruments set includes the following tools.

Kramer-Nevins Acute/Obtuse Curette: This Curettes is a combination of Kramer-Nevins Obtuse and Acute Curettes.

Bone Applicator/Plugger: This tool is a combination of bone plugger with 4mm diameter and bone applicator or Spoon with 4/9mm spoon lengths.

Sinus Lift Elevator 2: This sinus elevator is a combination of two differently angled elevators with 3mm diameter of each. It allows optimal access in order to gently separate the Schneiderian membrane and elevate it. The smaller size of the operational portion allows separating the membrane also in micro bone windows.

Sinus Lift Elevator 3: This elevator allows obtaining a sufficient lateral sinus lift, guaranteeing placement of appropriately sized implants in situations of lack or absence of residual bone. It is a combination of two differently angled elevators with 4mm and 5mm diameters.

Bone Injector: This bone injector has a 6.5mm inner diameter. It is used to inject bone material into the cavity.

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