Instruments Management System

Instruments Management System

An instruments management system saves time by pre-sorting and organizing instruments by procedure. The instrument set-ups remain complete throughout instrument reprocessing, from cleaning to sterilization to storage. Instrument cassettes are placed directly in both ultrasonic washers and sterilizers, virtually eliminating the need to hand scrub while reducing the risk of potential sharps injuries.

1) Chairside: Systematically organize instruments according to procedure type, allowing for more focus on patients and less time spent looking for missing instruments. Neatly organized instruments offer more professional appearance and can help enhance referrals.

2) Cleaning: Instruments are kept together throughout cleaning, rinsing and drying, minimizing the potential for breakage or loss. This also minimizes handling of instruments, reducing the chance for a sharp injury.

3) Sterilization: Complete procedures are packaged in Sterilization Wrap and placed in an autoclave together to help reduce consumable usage. This reduced handling of instruments provides safer protocol and minimizes liability.

4) Storage: Ready for use or storage until needed for increased time savings. The complete procedural set-ups provide for easy set-up and tear down.

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