Atraumatic Ext. Kit


It includes:

Scalpel Handle n.5, Round Handle Str. 14.5cm
Urban Cheek Retractor, 14cm
Luxating Elevator, Curved 3mm
Luxating Elevator, Straight, 3mm
34N Atraumatic EF, 3.5mm, Upper jaw
35N Atraumatic EF, 3mm, Upper Jaw
36N Atraumatic EF, 3.5mm, Lower Jaw
Mouth Mirror Handle, 10mm, 13cm
Mouth Mirror, DS, #5 (24mm), Solid Form
Castroviejo Needle Holder, str. TC, 18cm
9 Molt Periosteal, 7.5mm/4.5mm
152 Kramer-Nevins Periosteal
1 Posterior Periotome, Serrated
2 Anterior Periotome, Serrated
Goldman-Fox Scissor, cvd, SC, 12.5cm
Adson-Brown Tissue Plier, str. TC, 4x4T, 12cm

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